What People are Saying about St. Kieran Arts Center!

“Celebrating Arts, Creativity and Cultural Heritage”

“I am sending my enthusiastic and unreserved support for St. Kieran Community Center for the Arts.... My office has worked closely with the board of directors since the Arts Center’s creation. We consider St. Kieran Arts Center an emerging leader in cultural heritage development and a critical partner for us in advancing the arts, culture-based tourism, Northern Forest heritage and economic development both in the North Country and throughout the State. “

-----Van McLeod, Commissioner-NH State Department of Cultural Affairs

“I am delighted to forward a letter of support recognizing the excellent work being achieved locally and regionally by St. Kieran Arts Center. They are making a mark in a variety of areas important to Berlin and the region…The development of the Arts and Artist-Entrepreneurs, Cultural Heritage Tourism, and the Creative Economy Movement will all play an important role in the North Country’s future and revitalization. I believe that St. Kieran’s as a Center and advocate for these activities is an important regional asset deserving of our encouragement and support.”

----George M. Bald, NH Commissioner Department of Resources and Economic Development

“This year’s published schedule of events is nothing short of amazing and it is a credit to all of your hard work. As a relative newcomer to this specific area of New Hampshire, I am overwhelmed by the rich educational and social forum which the St. Kieran Community Center for the Arts offers. As a resident of the Littleton area, I can assure you that area has nothing that can remotely compare nor compete on any scale. You are to be commended on your sustained efforts in providing arts which benefit and delight the young and old alike!”

----Charles Thibodeau, Executive Director North Country Educational Services

“This letter is to lend support for the St. Kieran Arts Center request for funding to add to your continued efforts to maintain the quality programming that the Arts Center brings to the Androscoggin Valley. The work that you and board of directors of the St. Kieran Arts Center have done is remarkable considering your limited resources. This arts center is integral to Berlin and the Androscoggin Valley region, and St. Kieran’s is becoming the place for the arts in our area.”

----Pam LaFlamme, City Planner, Berlin, NH

“St. Kieran Center for the Arts is a natural champion of the creative economy, creative components of the Coos County economy, and citizens’ connection with the creative economy. The St. Kieran board and Executive Director are focused on linking individual artists, performing art groups, and entrepreneurs to tourism and to efforts to create a sense of place. They have developed community art space, effective advertising, and outreach to business sponsorships and grants. They enhance the art programming available to local school children. St. Kieran’s is fueling the next generation of visionaries in our community.”

---Kathleen Kelley, Chair of the AVER Educational Task Force & Convener of the Coos Economic Development Creative Economy Task Force

“Our elementary schools have discovered that by partnering with St. Kieran’s Arts Center, we can offer our staff, students and families cultural activities that would otherwise not be available. We appreciate the opportunities our students have had to present their Spring concerts at the Center and to attend special school matinees of the National Marionette Theatre, Inca Son; Music of the Andes Mountains and Donna Marie and Her Puppet Friends. As the Center continues to grow and flourish, I look forward to continued efforts to involve our public schools in a number of ways that enhance educational programming in performing and visual arts and to educating our community members at large of the value of arts enrichment and preserving our cultural heritage.”

-----Corinne Cascadden, Principal-Brown and Bartlett Elementary Schools

“I am an artist. I live and work as an artist. I wish to offer very serious support for the St. Kieran Center for the Arts as one of the most promising facilities for the Arts in the northern part of the NH. To date, the superb quality of performances, diverse show schedule and reasonable ticket prices has allowed a fresh view of live---a cultural enlightenment, per se, to a community that would otherwise have little exposure to such exceptional artistic entertainment. From its humble beginnings to the vibrant gem it is today is a remarkable achievement. The Center has now also become a powerful exhibition as a Visual Arts Gallery---now allowing both visual and performing artists and also the viewing audiences to benefit from this great organization!”

-----Andre Belanger, Artist/Owner of Studio Works

“ ...Granite State College has been a corporate sponsor of the events at St. Kieran Community Center for the Arts and has experienced first -hand the contribution it makes to the North Country. It is a pleasure working with this organization and we will continue to value this partnership in the future.”

-----Elaine M. Millen, Associate Dean-Granite State College